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Pitch Night for the Innovation Bridge Mexico-Austin Cohort

You are invited to a Pitch Night celebrating the startups of the Innovation Bridge Mexico-Austin program at the Consulate General of Mexico's Austin office. The startups pitching represent Mexican innovation across many industries. Their dedication to improving the world through their work is evident. After a rigorous selection process, the selected startups spent 10 weeks [...]

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AMA with Ryan Merket from Firebrand Ventures

Got startups on the brain? Our Think & Drink (Coffee) Series this month is all about startups, fundraising, venture capital and everything in between. We're hosting Ryan Merket, Partner of Firebrand Ventures for a unique ask me anything (AMA) session focused on all things startup. You'll have the chance to meet, mingle and ask Ryan [...]

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Collective Graduation

The time has come to celebrate Media Innovation in Austin with Collective's first graduating cohort! Collective is Austin's first Media Technology focused incubator, dedicated to serving the needs of entrepreneurs, public and private organizations that all work within the media industry. Collective was built through Impact Hub Austin's workforce development accelerator, and sponsored by Work [...]

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Startup Pitches, Product Demos & Group Feedback: Lightning Rounds

Austin Early Stage Startup Founders One of the most important things you will do as a founder is to present your idea or product in a way that engages and inspires your audience. So, for our next meetup we will be hosting lightning round startup pitches, product demos, and group feedback sessions. Whether you have [...]

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How To Grow Your Business With An Accelerator

Have a dream, prototype, or a startup you want to accelerate into an awesome company? Accelerators are becoming a standard in an entrepreneur’s journey for their startup. They spark untapped growth, by giving access to a talented network of mentors and alumni, investors, and early advisors. Leaders from Austin’s top accelerators will lead an action-packed [...]

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GA + SXSW 2019 Workshops

Join General Assembly and SXSW at the Palmer Event Center for two days of FREE classes on today's hottest tech topics and desired skills. Saturday, March 9 and Sunday, March 10, you'll have access to some of our most popular classes in web development, data science, digital marketing, user experience design, product management, professional development [...]

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[RE]Verse Pitch

During the opening pitch event, you will hear from businesses and institutions consistently generating or collecting by-product, surplus or otherwise underutilized materials streams in Austin, Texas that could be put to higher and better use in new social enterprises. Come to learn more about these products, meet the material generators, and network with other [Re]Verse [...]

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The Big Ass Tale of Bootstrapping from Zero to $500M

Ever wondered how to bootstrap your company to a successful exit? Whether you have aspirations, validated idea, or spend every waking moment thinking about your business, you have daydreamed about being the next successful "exit" -- selling your company for a lump sum of money. But forget about the glitz and glamour of Shark Tank. We're [...]

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Coffee Connection Presented by Reset

If you’re thinking about joining, a new member wanting to get more involved, or a current member looking to network, Coffee Connection is the place to be! Coffee Connection provides a casual environment to talk with AYC staff, board members, and ambassadors, and to get to know one another over a cup of joe and [...]

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