FI Austin Spring 2024 Graduation Demo Day, Presented by MFS

Rowling Hall 300 West Martin Luther King Junior Boulevard, Austin, tx, United States

Join us for the Graduation of the latest Austin Founder Institute Cohort, where you can see an inspiring talk by a Keynote Speaker and a few debut presentations from the new Alumni. Learn about some of the companies that will go onto seed-accelerators, raise funding, and build the next great Austin startups. There will also [...]

AMA with Martín Martinez: Unlock the Secrets of FI Texas Accelerators

Online event

With the Austin Fall 2024 program starting soon, it's a great time to join this online 'AMA: Ask Me Anything' event with Founder Institute Texas Executive Director, Martín Martinez along with special guests including Directors, Mentors, and Alumni. Get to know the people that help entrepreneurs get to traction and funding in the program and [...]

How to Build a Personal Brand: The Startup Founders Guide to Thought Leadership

Online event

In the competitive world of startups, establishing a standout personal brand can be the key to unlocking doors of opportunities. At this live online event, you will discover how to leverage personal branding to position yourself as thought leaders in your industry. We will dive into strategies for enhancing your online presence, engaging with your [...]

Startup Founder & VC Forum, Building and Serving for the Underrepresented

UT Austin, 2409 University Ave, Austin TX, 78712 PHR 2.114 (pharmacy department of it), Austin, TX, United States

If you are building, advising, or funding startups in Austin, then don't miss this in-person networking event featuring a chat with one of the region's top entrepreneurs. After this 'Fireside Chat and Panel' there will be a lengthy Q&A session with audience questions, followed by an open networking forum with top local entrepreneurs, advisors, and [...]

Meet Your Co-Founder “Everyone Must Pitch”

Capital Factory 701 Brazos Street, Austin, TX, United States

A meet your co-founder/investor/business dev event but everyone who participates must pitch in front of the group. If you aren’t willing to pitch you can’t enter and must leave. The group gives each speaker direct feedback which is priceless. This makes networking afterward easy because everyone in the room knows exactly who everyone is and [...]