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Early man harnessed fire, the Industrial Revolution gave us the steam engine, and combustion engines changed the way we travel. Although energy technologies have transformed humanity’s ability to thrive and grow, they sometimes had unintended consequences, positive and negative. As new energy technologies emerge to improve or replace older ones, they address the limitations of previous technologies and usher in entirely new capabilities. 

For example, the way we generate and consume electricity for the past century has been dominated by fossil fuels providing great, cheap energy production, but also some negative environmental impacts. How we drive around in our gas burning cars is now a rapidly aging and potentially soon to be irrelevant technology and infrastructure. Technology-enabled innovation – electrification, renewable energy, distributed power storage, and electric and self-driving cars and big trucks can and will fundamentally change how we consume and use energy as a resource. What is the hype vs. reality of these new opportunities for industry and society while also protecting our planet? How does this affect you individually and our city in the short and the long term?  Come listen, enjoy energy interactive stations to include a VR demo, and ask questions to discover global trends and local solutions today and into the near future.

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