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This core purpose of this meetup is fostering a community of people who enjoy intellectually stimulating conversations about the world around us.

We talk about tech a lot, like cryptocurrencies and AI, but also topics adjacent, such as politics, economics, and foreign affairs. No topic is really off the table at all, as long as it leads to an interesting and stimulating conversation. The tone is relaxed and the conversation is free-flowing. There is no agenda and we go where the conversation takes us.

To give a sense of the breath of topics we welcome here: we gone down deep rabbit holes about the meaning of life, the dating scene and the loneliness epidemic, economic theories of inflation, American foreign policy, the technological Singularity, viability of advanced alien civilizations, the philosophy of Mind and Consciousness and what makes for a perfect cup of coffee.

We are blessed that Austin has a rich pool of smart and intellectually curious people and our conversations are often super engaging and interesting. We debate, we discuss, we disagree, sometimes we even argue, but its always done with a friendly spirit of intellectual exploration.

If this describes a fun evening to you, then come join us. We are extremely consistent – meeting every single Sunday and very rarely miss any meetups (very bad weather, the Superbowl and major holidays are the only times we’ve cancelled a meetup).

We also have an active Telegram channel:

Telegram channel: 👇

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