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Join us to discover how open innovation bridges the gap between startups and corporates. We’ll explore global challenges and spotlight two major initiatives: the GAEA program, aimed at driving energy autonomy innovations in Europe, and the EU-LAC Digital Accelerator, which fosters digital transformation partnerships. Learn how these initiatives empower innovators and idea holders to refine their concepts, navigate the entrepreneurial landscape, and unlock new funding opportunities for corporate collaboration and growth.

**❯ What You’ll Learn:**

* Explore how open innovation tackles key issues in energy and digital transformation.
* Learn about the GAEA program and EU-LAC Digital Accelerator’s roles in fostering corporate-startup partnerships.
* Discover how to refine ideas, navigate the startup ecosystem, and secure funding for collaboration.

**❯ Featured Experts:**

* **[Rubén Carrandi](https://www.linkedin.com/in/rubencarrandi/) – Senior Project Manager at [EBN](https://eulacdigitalaccelerator.com/):** Rubén Carrandi is the Senior Project Manager at EBN, a network of over 165 business incubators and accelerators globally, established by the EU in 1984. With degrees in Economy, Business Management, and a Master’s in International Business Management, he leads projects that bolster business accelerators and entrepreneurs. Currently, he manages the EU-LAC Digital Accelerator for EBN, aiming to link corporates and startups across the EU, Latin America, and the Caribbean through Open Innovation
* **[Vasilis Athanasiadis](https://www.linkedin.com/in/vasilis-athanasiadis/)**- Business Creation & Strategy Manager at **[Mantis](https://www.mantisbi.io/):** Vasilis Athanasiadis is the Business Creation & Strategy Manager at Mantis Beyond Innovation. Holding an MBA from Strathclyde Business School, he excels in business strategy, leading open innovation efforts in tech. At Mantis, Vasilis spearheads initiatives in sustainability, fintech, and societal challenges, notably overseeing the GAEA program to promote European Energy Autonomy through innovation, spanning eight countries.

**❯❯ This live, interactive online event promises valuable insights. Ensure your participation by RSVPing at** **[https://fi.co/startupwebinar/17571](https://fi.co/startupwebinar/17571) to receive the Zoom URL.**

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