ATX.Live still feels like a new born baby to me right now.  We are barely a couple of months old and we’re already serving the best Austin Tech Events to over 1000 new people in Austin each month. This might not sound like too much, but as a new site getting this kind of adoption early on is a huge deal!

While ATX.Live is still an early shadow of it’s future self, now that we’re live it’s time to look at how we are going to grow this as both the go to resource for tech events in Austin, and a viable self sustaining business. At this stage of the game money is far from the focus, so this allows us to focus our energies on turning ATX.Live from good to great.

There’s a few simple areas we are going to cover to help get there

  • Design – Ongoing improvements of the “little” design flaws that are all over the place right now
  • Simplification – If you want to contribute events to ATX.Live, ho simple can we make it?
  • Completion – Do people just want events, or is there more we can do without losing focus?
    • Community forum
    • Support for people looking to participate in or run events in the Austin Tech Community
    • Support for people who are even just attending these events.  People in tech are commonly introverted

There’s also a few more advanced areas we can start to explore

  • Partnerships – Can we join forces with related businesses and communities in Austin?
  • Ticketing – Allow for cheaper/free event ticketing for local companies
  • Customized Listings – When you log in, see events that are more related to what you enjoy

It’s going to be a long time before some of these ideas reach the light of day, but with the ongoing support of local communities (Big thanks to the BASHH and Austin Digital Jobs), event hosts, and Austin leaders we can make ATX.Live a community that supports the local tech scene in a much larger way.

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